An agency
but not only…

Creating and producing your events in France or abroad?
Designing and developing your communication?
evea agency accompanies you on all these matters.
You have goals?
We also offer to: allow our customers and prospects to communicate, organize on a federal level, and motivate, in order to improve their internal resources or their relationships with customers and partners.


evea, your events partner

3 areas
of expertise

Organizing events is part of our core expertise.

Our desire is to provide a comprehensive and relevant service to all of our customers and prospects.

Our ability to propose a complete offer relating to events, business tourism and communication, gives us the status of global agency.
Indeed, the communication pole can satisfy your demand for advice, material creation and overall reflection on cross-functional projects.

Responsiveness, creativity, commitment and professionalism make evea a complete, humane and appreciated agency.

Founded in 2009 by the association of two skills, the experience of Julie Milhes in business tourism and the practice of Mélanie Mailhac in international business, the agency currently accounts for several specialized employees (event/communication/logistics).

Based in Paris and Montpellier, the agency also works internationally to meet your requests.


Mélanie Meilhac, Director
Julie Milhes, President
Evanaëlle Carrier, assistant executive
Valerie Keravel, event project manager
Pauline Plas, event project director
Céline Leclercq, event project manager
Alessia Giuliano, event project manager
Denisse Rosales, event project manager
Natalia Atamanenko, event project manager
Fanny Colavitti, event project manager
Laurie Lanovaz, event project manager
Hugo Surville, communication and developpment manager
Paul Chassaing, graphic designer
Julien Cremer, communication project Manager
Yaël Gauffier, Art Director

Our philosophy

To seduce, collect, animate, reward, understand, entertain, and exchange is good.
But, to create link, value, consistency and to anticipate your needs is even better.

At evea, this is what we seek.


In 2016 our agency contributes to the renovation of the Orangerie, located in the Montpellier’ Botanical Garden. This university botanical garden was created in 1593 under the reign of King Henry 4th and is known as the oldest garden in France. We are very glad to be helpful in the preservation of such an emblematic site registred on the list of French historical monuments.

For 4 years, the agency has been supporting the adventure of the Folies d’O, a festival of operettas and musicals, in order to contribute to its sustainability.
This sponsorship initiative aims to strengthen the links between the economic sphere and opera as part of a cultural and solidarity project.