Stand out from the crowd! Like a lighthouse in the middle of the night, you will be the only one noticed. Take advantage of a personalized turnkey booth. The talent of our designers and graphic artists will attract a host of clients and partners at your trade shows and exhibitions. The little bonus? We will take care of your booklets, rollups and goodies as well as the animations on your stand.

IT Partners

Creation and support

The event which brings together the entire French IT business for 48 hours, has been held for 14 years. Given the large organization required, it's with no surprise that Evea's agency played a role in the success of the event. To ensure complete immersion in the tech market, Dell Technologies helped create the booth and oversee the running of the show.

Le défi à relever

  • Building a stand that complies with the exhibitions standars.
  • Ensuring that the stand is as visible and attractive as possible
  • Ensuring the smooth running of the event troughout its duration
  • Managing all service providers

Les clés du succès

Combining communication, adaptability and respect for customer expectations will creates efficiency ! Implementing agile methodologies during the execution of the project was a great way to meet Dell Technologies' needs. Based on the issues of the fair and the requests of the exhibitors, we proposed a design that matches the stand.

Une expérience de plus

For more than 5 years, evea has been creating stands for its clients in France and abroad, this exercise remains as stimulating as ever! New projects, new perspectives and keeping up with the latest informations allow us to continuously learn and develop our know-how.

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