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Pure Storage x Franky Zapata Talk Show

Talk show production: Pure Storage and Franky Zapata

Better known as "the flying man", Franky Zapata is the inventor of the Flyboard Air with which he flew over the Champs-Elysées and crossed the Channel. The CEO of Pure Storage, a company specialized in data protection, wanted to organize an entrepreneur to entrepreneur interview for his partners: evea was there to give birth to an original talk show!

Le défi à relever

  • Creation of a streaming platform for live interview broadcasting.
  • Creation and design of a landing page dedicated to participant registration
  • Technical management of the event.
  • Digital communication to maximize the participation rate of the event.

On the big day, the entire Evea team was ready for takeoff and closely followed the exciting exchange between two creatives with distinct profiles !

Les clés du succès

Preparation is the key.From our capture studio, our web team a meticulouslyprepared and coordinated the exchange for a smooth flight. The interviewcomposed of 6 questions asked to the flying man, ended with a question and answer session open. Participants jumped at the chance!

Une expérience de plus

Although it was a corporate event, we had the chance to organize and attend a friendly exchange and warmth between two leaders in their respective fields. Animatedopenlight and exciting, the talk show was followed by the 120 partners from Pure Storage. Its CEO, Franky Zapata and our agency can boast of having achieved the 80% participation rate!

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