Organization of the e-B.E.S.T Congress 100% live

In 2020, Professors David Nocca and Nilton Kawahara, founders of the website B.E.S.T (Bariatric Endoscopic Surgery Trends), called on evea to organize the first online training course dedicated to bariatric surgery. Bringing together more than 50 experts from around the world in a 24-hour 100% live format, our agency was quick to respond and show what it was made of!

The challenge

  • Creation of a streaming platform to broadcast 24 hours of live conferences
  • Preparation and coordination of 52 international speakers
  • Post-production editing for replay broadcast
  • Creation of a video jingle to mark break times
  • Print and digital communication to maximize the participation rate to the event
  • Staying awake 24 hours straight!

The keys to success

To ensure our first 24 hours live, we first of all bet on a good dose… of caffeine! Our digital project manager then put on his engineer’s hat to ensure the smooth running of the expert conferences captured from Japan, the USA, Australia and Brazil. Him who dreamed for so long to go around the world!

One more experience

If space-time travel is not a relaxing experience, the coordination of experts from 20 different time zones was a very enriching experience for the whole team. The result: a successful live conference attended by 568 health professionals, a perfectly chaptered replay and a well-deserved lie-in!


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