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Lenovo, Education booklet

Creation of a promotional brochure for Lenovo's education offer

Lenovo has enlisted Evea to promote its educational offer. This is an opportunity for the agency's graphic departement to showcase the extent of its talent through the creation of an 8-page brochure

Le défi à relever

  • Adherence to the appropriate text-image ratio to ensure readability and ease.
  • Adhrence to Lenovo's graphic charter.
  • Content synthesis
  • Adaptation for both print and web

Les clés du succès

Efficiency! Lenovo provided us with a wealth of information that we synthesized and prioritized to define the architecture of the final brochure. The graphic design team then created a series of key visuals to illustrate the message. The result: an 8-page brochure produced in just a few days, a satisfied client and a team filled with humility!

Une expérience de plus

A 100% print printIt is rather rare... but not unpleasant ! We were able to rely on the good coordination of our dream-teamweb/graphic team to take up the challenge.

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